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Old 07-16-2005, 02:00 PM
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Default Reducing the main memory footprint of the Stowaway keyboard driver

Please note that this is another instalment in my “let’s reduce the main memory consumption of third-party system DLL’s and drivers”. Numerous parts have been published so far; for example, the one on relocating CalliGrapher. That article also has some links to my previous articles – feel free to follow them.

First, the bad news: It seems it’s not possible to relocate the entire driver into the File Store. Unlike CalliGrapher, it’s not just a simple SIP (Software Input Panel) with a very simple registry entry to modify but a driver that is wired into the Windows Mobile operating system much tighter. Please note that I only spent some 10-15 minutes with this hack so the above doesn’t necessarily mean it’s impossible to relocate everything. I just hadn’t the time to find the way to do it. However, now, the memory consumption is halved at about 255 kbytes, which isn’t that bad.

And, the good news: There’re certain files that aren’t needed for the system to run/operate properly. This way, you can free up 271 kbytes with version 4.1 of the driver, which isn’t too bad, particularly on devices with low RAM.

The files you can safely delete are as follows (all in \Windows):

Help files:

07/01/2004  09:01 AM           104,123 StowawayXT.htp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyAuthentic.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyBTSelect.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyBTStatus.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyConfig.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyKeyboardSetup.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyMouseConfig.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyMouseSetup.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyMouseStatus.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             2,678 StwyMouseVerif.2bp
07/01/2004  09:01 AM             4,038 StwySIPAllIcons.2bp
Please note that if you completely delete the 104,123-byte StowawayXT.htp, a “The Keyoard driver (“StowawayXT.dll”) is not responding. Please reinstall. ” Dialog box will appear every time you start the StowAway applet. To avoid this, you can edit the file and completely remove its contents. A 0-byte “dummy” StowawayXT.htp file will do.

Other files:

This file will only be needed once, if your keyboard has an older firmware version, to (the driver will automatically sense the firmware difference; therefore, you can safely delete this after upgrading to version 4.1 and probably 4.2 of the driver and then, starting the driver to alos upgrade the keyboard firmware) upgrade it. Otherwise, it can be safely deleted. After deletion, choosing BT/Advanced/Upgrade Firmware won’t crash; it’ll present a “Firmware upgrade is not available” dialog box:

07/01/2004  09:01 AM           100,916 StwyKeybdFw.bin
This file isn’t needed either if you only use your keyboard with the US-English layout:

07/01/2004  09:01 AM            18,712 StwyIntl.kbd
You may also want to check out this for other memory hacks.
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