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Old 05-03-2005, 08:26 PM
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Default Unbound Med's Taber's install problems

I've been trying to install Taber's Medical Dictionary (20th ed.) from Unbound Medicine to my Ipaq. After the PPC says it's done installing, I click ok on the desktop to finish. It then tells me that it can't open the database because it is not done copying to the device. I checked the "running programs" in the system tab, but nothing showed. I tried running the program on my PPC (the icon is there) but it tells me that I can't open it until I enter the serial number (that it won't let me enter because it won't install properly). Unbound's support just said to make sure all other programs on the PPC were closed and that the transfer had completed (stuff I had already done). Any ideas?
Currently using HP iPAQ 4155
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Old 05-03-2005, 08:52 PM
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It's fortunately pretty easy to manually set up all the files.

When you start the app, all you need is unpacked c:\Program Files\MWCPPC\Taber's\. You only need to copy these files to (please note that I've tried to reduce main memory consumption at once and this is why I tried to 'hack' everything out of main memory at once - I was successful at it, fortunately):

MWFont.ttf to \Windows\Fonts (or the home directory of the app - it doesn't need to be in \Windows\Fonts at all)

MWLicence.arm.dll and PDBLib.arm.dll to \Windows (they have to be there; fortunately, they don't take up much space)

the Images subdir, Tabers.arm.exe, TbDetMst.pdb, TbIdxMst.pdb, Dispref.001 and TAB0.001 to some directory. The official home is at \Program Files\MedicalWizards\MWCPPC\Taber's ; but it can be anywhere and can have any name, on a storage card too.

The program installer is s dumb that the registry contains nothing related to the app (this is why it isn't shown in Remove Programs either) and there is not even an .unload file. I'd say the app itself is not written by professionals It's more like of 'let's make some bucks without actually making use of the Registry' Palm conversion.

Let me know what happens.
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