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Old 11-06-2006, 02:58 AM
Kris Kumar
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Default Dash Tweaks

Thought I should start a thread with all the Dash tweaks and tricks.

Folks, let build up this thread.

1. Enable Touch Strip for Scrolling:

2. Change pink TZones button on the keyboard to launch your favorite app:
- Look for short_IE.lnk file in the \Windows folder on your Dash.
- Open the file in a text editor and replace the line 36#"\windows\winwapce14s-tmobile.exe" with
- 36#"\<your program name and path>"

My favorite:

I am not sure what the 30# and 36# represents. I just copied the text from the Task Manager.lnk file into the short_IE.lnk file. ;-) You can do the same with your favorite application. But having a task manager like application on hand might help when you are really stuck. When I had to do my hard reset because of non-responsive home screen. I realized that the tzones button was working because it would launch IE, which is what I had configured it for. If only I had it configured for task manager, I would have been able to shut down the errant application.

3. Home Screen definitely needs to be tweaked, like add some Fizz Weather and Facade plugins. The ones I found the Internet are mostly for Q and have the Q plugins. So I created one for myself.

Here is what mine looks like:

In case you like the layout, you can download and copy this XML to the \Application Data\Home folder and then in the Home Screen settings select Dash-FullyLoaded as your home screen. Be sure to install Fizz Weather 2 and Facade before you install this home screen.

Sorry I am not that great with home screen design. I plan on replacing the text - calendar, tasks, applications with icons in the next version of the home screen. If you have any designed for Dash home screens, then share them over here.

Version 2: With the border and icons for the Facade tabs.

The home screen layout for this style can be downloaded from here.

Hard Reset: In case any one of the above tweaks back fires. :-)

The easy way is Start->Accessories->Clear Storage application.

But there might be times when you cannot even get the phone to power up.

That is when you need the perform the following steps:
- with the phone powered off, make sure battery is fully charged
- press the two soft keys, yes the left and right soft keys
- while keeping it pressed, press the power button down
- keep the power button pressed down for 1 - 1.5 seconds
- release the power button but do NOT release the soft keys
- wait for the black screen with some blah-blah to popup, now release the soft keys
- if you dont see the black screen with the reset option, pull the battery out, reinsert it and repeat the above steps
- when you see the black screen with the reset option, press the Send button to confirm the reset.
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