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Old 12-17-2005, 07:00 PM
Mike Temporale
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Default VoIP and the Future of Windows Mobile

"Without going too much into a sales mode here, VoIP is faster, cheaper and far more flexible than traditional telephony. There have been countless examples, especially around hurricane Katrina here in the US, that also prove that VoIP is the best solution for disaster recovery scenarios. As Voice over IP has continued to grow, many of the companies who produce VoIP solutions have also developed wireless solutions to support the technology. A case in point is Cisco Systems, the leader in the VoIP marketplace. Cisco has in the past 4 years developed a series of phone that support VoIP while running wirelessly. These phones run on 802.11x, allowing an enterprise who has a Cisco telephony solution in place as well as wireless access points to distribute phones that can "roam" while in their wireless coverage area. A good example of use is in the Call Center arena where supervisors may be walking the floor and not necessarily be at a desk. By having the WiFi/VoIP solution, they can still take calls and virtually be at their desk."

There is no question that VoIP is hot and holds great promise for mobility. Clinton Fitch takes a look at QoS, Windows Mobile, and VoIP in his latest article. Unfortunately, I think VoIP on our Smartphones is still a good couple years off. We still need faster processors, and better wireless high speed connections, and of course, a Windows Mobile client. What do you think?
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