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Old 12-07-2005, 09:00 AM
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Default Leading EDGE Mobile Development Library

<img src="" /><img src="" /><br /><span><b>Introduction</b></span><br />Gadgets and <a href=">games</a>,">Elements Interactive</a>, a great new cost effective development library called <a href=">EDGE</a>">Windows Mobile Pocket PC</a>, <a href=">Windows">, <a target=_blank href=>Symbian UIQ</a> (such as the Sony Ericsson P900), <a href=">Symbian"> (including Nokia N-Gage™), <a target=_blank href=>Symbian Series 80</a> (Nokia 9500) and <a target=_blank href=>Symbian Series 90</a> (Nokia 7710).<br /><br /><b><span>Inside Story</span></b><br />The guys at <a href=">Elements"> have been developing games forever. It is excellent news that they have packaged up all those man years worth of code into such a way that allows other developers to reap the benefits off their hardwork. Great best selling games like <a target=_blank href=>Li-Nuggz</a>, <a href=">Foo-Fighter</a>,">Blazar</a> and <a href=">Quartz"> were written and made available for the aforementioned platforms using a solid technology base which has now been productised as <a target=_blank href=>EDGE</a>. I am not talking about <i>bleeding EDGE</i> technology here! It is seriously <b>leading EDGE</b> I remember having a chat with Dan Hoffman, CEO of Element Interactive when the idea was put together a while back; the thought that came into my mind during the conversation was that it was about time someone created a tool that not only worked but was priced correctly so that it doesnt alienate all those creative developers out there from creating games. When it comes down to it, the price really matters. I think that the pricing of <a href=">EDGE</a>">best mobile development library</a> out there today.<br /> <br /><span><b>What are people saying about EDGE?</b></span><br />Here are a few quotes that I have assembled from game studios who have downloaded and are using <a href=">EDGE</a>...">Download the evaluation kit</a> today and check it out for yourself...<br /><br /><b><span>The Technical Nitty Gritty</span></b><br />A write up on something technical is just not right without the sexy technical jargon which goes with it. But for me to really get into it here, is going to take much time, and I dont think Jason would appreciate the pages and pages of text that I could have included here about how good <a href=">EDGE</a>">Clickgamer</a> and <a target=_blank href=>Elements Interactive</a> are holding a coding competition using the EDGE library. We call it the <b>"Cutting EDGE" Coding Competition</b>, no pun intended, really. The winner will receive a ton of cool stuff:<br /><br />• A developer edition Gizmondo unit<br />• A two year commercial <a href=">EDGE</a>"></a> for their game<br /><br />Don't delay - start porting your game now to <a href=">EDGE</a>.">Register your entry here</a><br /><br /><b><span>Conclusion</span></b><br />There you have it. The <a href=">EDGE"> is landed and is here to stay. If you are a developer looking to writing your first game, or porting your existing games to other mobile platforms please try download the <a target=_blank href=>evaluation version</a> now and <a target=_blank href=>register yourself as an entrant</a><br /><br />- - - - - - - - - -<br /><span>The above article is a paid advertisement for Clickgamer and does not necessarily represent the views of Pocket PC Thoughts.</span>
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