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Old 08-15-2009, 03:48 AM
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Exclamation Pocket Programming Language v2.1 is out now!

PPL 2.1 is out now. This version fixes the Windows Mobile SDK connection to the device as well as tons of little bugs. We have also added a lot of new features and enhanced some.

Here is a small list of the most notable feature changes/additions/fixes for this release:

- Fixed form constant re-creation when activating PIDE main window.
- New Collect() function to collect unused garbage in memory, often useful in loops.
- Fixed keyfile creation.
- Fixed PMenuItem imagelist display.
- Fixed PToolButton.ImageIndex.
- Fixed PToolBar click.
- New Installation guide is provided.
- Updated many help files.
- Rewrote debugger engine so that PIDE is the server and target application is the client.
- Debugger retrieves public IP address from automatically.
- New Mobile menu to allow run/compile/etc... for a Mobile device.
- Restructured the PProject class, no more Target platform selection.
- Fixed custom draw controls to work on Windows Mobile. (PPanel, PShape, PQuickButton).
- Fixed system colors on Windows Mobile.
- Optimized startup of PPL (interpreter/compiler).
- PGrid control rendering has been optimized.
- Added GIF support to surface editor in PIDE2.
- Added a confirmation dialog when deleting objects in Project Manager.
- Fixed adding new object by double-click a component.
- Visual Form Editor, alignment grid uses opposite color to always be visible.
- Fixed Memo control to align text properly.
- Menu separators are displaying correctly now.
- Fixed PToolButton image display.
- Separator property now visible for PToolButton.
- New more meaningful connection error messages.
- Tweaked First Time dialog box.
- Fixed issue with a left over stack item in some situations.
- Updated Dialog.ppl library with common windows dialogs structures and declarations.
- New PColorDialog component.
- Fixed PFont font size with proper height calculation.
- New PFontDialog component.
- New NULL Terminated String functions (ToNTS and FromNTS).
- Added LoadFromFile() and SaveToFile() functions to lot's of components.
- New POpenDialog component.
- New PSaveDialog component.
- Fixed Events panel.

You can update all PPL's components through CleverUpdate. If you have any problems with the old version of CleverUpdate, please download it from the following link:

For more information about PPL 2, please visit our web site at :
Alain DeschenesPresidentArianeSoft Inc. (
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