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Old 05-16-2006, 01:00 AM
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Default How to Put More Power in Your Pocket PC

You’re on the road again — visiting clients, doing business, making money. Then, your boss calls your cell, asking for the latest sales projections. You sigh. All you have with you is your Pocket PC.<br /><br />Don’t get us wrong. The PPC is a killer tool. It makes you more productive and mobile. But what if you could jumpstart it with more power — with the capabilities of a laptop or a desktop PC?<br /><br />You can with <a href="">Citrix GoToMyPC®</a>. In about 2 minutes, you could transform that palm-sized screen into a full-blown, turbocharged powerhouse capable of emailing and working on files and programs — wherever you are. Just as if you were sitting in your office in front of your own PC.<br /><br /><b><span>GoToMyPC® – Fast, Easy, Secure Remote Access</span></b><br />GoToMyPC is the award-winning remote-access service that gives you the power to access your PC from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and you can:<br /><br />• Work on your office PC from home — in real time.<br />• Travel anywhere and use your PC remotely.<br />• Increase your work flexibility and productivity.<br />• Access your files, programs and email from anywhere.<br /><br />And with <a href="">GoToMyPC PocketView™</a> (included at no extra charge), you have total access to your PC in real time from any Pocket PC with Internet access and Windows® CE. You read that right … you can access your entire PC desktop — email, files, applications and corporate intranet — right from your tried-and-true PPC.<br /><br /><b><span>More Power, More Opportunities</span></b><br />GoToMyPC helps you cut costs, boost productivity, build a competitive advantage and realize a quick ROI with enhanced mobile remote access. In fact, it extends your existing technology infrastructure by delivering complete, real-time access and a wealth of powerful advantages:<br /><br /><b>2-Minute Automatic Setup</b><br />Set up your host PC in less than 2 minutes. No firewall configuration is necessary, and you don't need to be IT-savvy to do it.<br /><br /><b>Optimized Viewing</b><br />GoToMyPC includes Screen Area Auto-Matching, which automatically scales your host PC screen to the optimal setting for your PPC.<br /><br /><b>Screen Rotation</b><br />Rotate your screen into landscape orientation for better viewing. Plus, you can easily scroll around to see more of your screen.<br /><br /><img src="" /><br /><i>Scale your host PC to fit your PPC, rotate it for optimal viewing and create shortcuts to files.</i><br /><br /><b>Adaptable Stylus</b><br />Most PPCs use a stylus instead of a mouse. GoToMyPC makes it easy to perform such mouse actions as hover and right-click, which are not normally supported by a stylus.<br /><br /><b>Fast Performance</b><br />Connect to your PC in seconds and enjoy fast in-session performance. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in front of your office PC, even though you’re miles away.<br /><br />GoToMyPC PocketView also arms you with a built-in defense strategy to securely work with data from any PC — without the need to store sensitive information on your Pocket PC.<br /><br /><b><span>9 Layers of Bullet-Proof Security</span></b><br />Maximum security is pre-configured in GoToMyPC PocketView. Connection authentication guarantees that no one but you can access your PC. Built-in security features include:<br /><br />1. SSL Web site that is SiteSecure Certified by TruSecure Corporation<br />2. 128-bit end-to-end Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES, encryption of all connections<br />3. Challenge/response password authentication scheme<br />4. Multiple, nested, alphanumeric passwords, including an access code that resides on the host PC and is never transmitted or stored on GoToMyPC servers<br />5. Host PC screen blanking and keyboard/mouse locking<br />6. User-defined viewer inactivity time-out<br />7. Limited number of log-in attempts<br />8. Log-in history log<br />9. One-time passwords<br /><br /><img src="" /><img src="" /><br />C|NET Winner – Editors’ Choice Award<br /><br /><b><span>Award-Winning Power for Your Pocket PC</span></b><br />GoToMyPC has won numerous prestigious awards, including CNet’s Editors’ Choice Award, PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award and PC World’s World Class Award — for 3 consecutive years. Recently Reuters, the world's largest international multimedia news agency, chose GoToMyPC as a secure, cost-effective way to give their offsite and traveling employees remote access to internal office applications.<br /><br /><br /><a href="">Try GoToMyPC free for 30 days</a><img src="" /> and discover how it can put more power in your Pocket PC.<br /><br />- - - - - - - - - -<br /><span>The above article is a paid advertisement for GoToMyPC and does not necessarily represent the views of Pocket PC Thoughts.</span>
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