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Old 09-20-2007, 08:08 PM
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Default Rare mobile species discovered in NYC (FUN!)


Contact Person: Director Vic Flint
Company Name: The Mobile Life Conservatory
Web site address:

The Mobile Life Conservatory, Montpelier, VT, July 12, 2007 — Scientists with the Mobile Life Conservatory today announced the discovery of a rare Cantfindicus Phonicus, which was found on the streets of New York City helplessly trying to determine which of her devices was ringing. A throwback to a less technologically advanced age, the Cantfindicus Phonicus is defined by its baffling use of separate devices for telephone calls, e-mail, web surfing, text messages, and other functions. “She’s like a dinosaur of the mobile species,” said Conservatory Director Vic Flint. “It’s sad really. The Cantfindicus Phonicus is ultimately doomed unless we can bring her up to date.”

Over the following weeks, scientists with the Conservatory will attempt to train the Cantfindicus Phonicus to adapt to modern technology and evolve to use a single mobile device to accomplish a variety of tasks. “It won’t be easy, but we’ll give it all we’ve got,” said lead conservationist Claus Hansen. “After all, species like the Cantfindicus Phonicus are what the Mobile Life Conservatory’s here for.”

The Mobile Life Conservatory was founded in 1910 with a grant by then U.S. President William Howard Taft. Charged with the mission of Protecting, Preserving and Promoting newly emerging mobile species, the Conservatory has played a crucial role in the conservation of species such as the Phonicus Nocordicus, Loudicus Inpublicus, and Gluttonous Expendicus.

(End of press release.)

Follow THIS link for the videos! They are certainly worth checking out! (Sorry, I can't include them in here because of the blog engine restictions (no <object> tags)).

Some static shots:

The intro:

The endangered Cantfindicus:

Call Range Research:

Work Anywhere:

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