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Old 09-12-2005, 06:53 PM
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Default Native VGA-users attn: a tutorial on relocating 2 Mbyte SE/ozVGA DLL's from RAM

I'm just writing a detailed review/breakdown of how the different resolutions are used in VGA PPC's (to be published later today or tomorrow). I've also played around with the files it installs to \Windows (in precious RAM) and proud to present my results: 1.8 Mbytes or RAM freed up! RAM-constrained iPAQ hx4700 and Dell Axim x50v users, rejoice

(Please note that this article is not the first on relocation hacking. You may want to read the previous ones at Windows Mobile Technology and Tips forum of PPCMag. If you want to free up some RAM, you really should read my previous articles.)

If you haven't installed OzVGA/SE_VGA on your device yet

Then, you're in a good position you definitely won't have filelock problems (see for example this thread), unlike in the case of trying to relocate an existing installation.

If you plan to use OzVGA (highly recommended over SE_VGA!):

1. extend the System Path as described in, say, this article
2. get (it contains the DLL's). Note that you'll need to get the localized version if your operating system isn't English please see the links at the bottom of the OzVGA page.
3. extract the contents of the ZIP file. Copy msim.96.dll (it'll be differently named in localized versions, the country code being added to msim for example, msimes.96.dll, msimde.96.dll, msimfr.96.dll etc you get the point) to \Windows and the rest of the files to the System path in the File Store.
4. get the OzVGA executable; extract OzVGA.exe from there and upload it to anywhere on the PDA. Create a link of it in \Windows\Start Menu[\Programs] and/or on your Today screen.


1. extend the System Path as described in, say, this article
2. you can use the above-mentioned (or some of its localized versions) and this EXE file then, you won't need to do any additional manual copy/hack. Just extract msim.96.dll to \Windows and the rest of the files to the System path in the File Store from (as with OzVGA), and upload SE_VGA.exe anywhere on your PDA (may be even on a storage card). Create a link to the latter executable in \Windows\Start Menu[\Programs] and/or on your Today screen

I recommend Total Commander (TC) on the desktop (after you've installed its WinCE FS plug-in as described here) for copying the files to the PDA/extracting files from ZIP archives.

If you decide for post-hacking the files because you've already installed SE_VGA/copied the OzVGA files to their (official) destination (uninstalling won't delete locked DLL's from \Windows!), then, you need to do the following:

1. go to the \Windows directory in one TC pane; to the new DLL store in the File Store in the other
2. sort the files by clicking the Date tab in TC so that you can easily find the DLL's to move
3. select all .DLL and .GIF files dated 07/27/2004, except for tshres.96.dll (it will be locked) and msim.96.dll. The former file is locked by the system; the latter must remain in \Windows.

The list of the files to move (if you don't find them / want to be absolutely sure you move the right ones or there aren't files of date 07/27/2004 in \Windows):

07/27/2004  09:14 PM               375 arrow2.96.gif
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           115,904 browsres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            37,525 complete.96.gif
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           195,388 coreres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM             6,860 exappres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            79,820 miscres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           101,152 officeres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           381,384 outres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           348,812 pegcards.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           406,860 shellres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM             3,958 stylus2.96.gif
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            33,575 stylushead.96.gif
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            63,332 syncres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM           122,780 tapres.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            46,792 TraRes0409.96.dll
07/27/2004  09:14 PM            43,551 welcomehead.96.gif F6 (Move) and move everything:

For this kind of relocation to work, you'll need to be in QVGA mode so that the files aren't locked. Note that even in QVGA, some files may be locked (that is, they can't be deleted from \Windows after copying, if the latter is allowed at all). In cases like that, you may want to consider a hard reset and copying the DLL files right to the File Store instead of installing SE_VGA in the official way.

Yes! You've just freed up 1.8Mbytes of RAM! Congrats!
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