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Old 10-02-2009, 07:48 PM
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Talking Machines at War v1.3 Released

Isotope 244 is pleased to announce that Machines at War v1.3 is now available. The update contains compatibility fixes for newly released devices. Download and play a new breed of real time strategy game! Command an army of forces across the battlefield with ease in this real time strategy game. Take the challenge of constructing an epic war machine and become a dominating world power.

Free Demos
Windows Mobile - CAB
Windows XP & Vista
Mac OS X

Buy Now and download instantly for ONLY $19.95

Machines at War is a command and conquer type game.

Machines at War features a random map system so every game is unique and poses new challenges. Build bridges to cross water, mow down forests to clear a path to the enemy, build walls to defend your position, track tread marks left by enemy tanks to their base, hide under trees for an ambush attack, these are just some of the unique game play elements available.

Crate and expand your city with over 40 structures and units to choose from. Pick from several technologies to guide the focus of your strategy. Choose to be an economic powerhouse and flood the enemy with an endless barrage of units. Or upgrade your defensive forces and build a fortification of turrets and fortresses surrounded by walls and gates. If blitzkrieg is your style, then embolden offensive forces with unique weapon upgrades and demoralize the enemy with an unstoppable force.

Machines at War has been developed to run on any Windows Mobile 2003 or later device, including BOTH Pocket PCs and Smartphones. ALL screen rotations and resolutions are supported, including VGA and wide screens.

Reviews by Satirli and JAMM.
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