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Old 11-11-2010, 02:26 AM
Join Date: Aug 2005
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Default HTC HD2 Pre-Purchase Decision!

I previously posted this over on XDA as well but surprisingly have had no replies. So I thought I would check in with the experts...the user community.

I am ready to purchase an HD2 for use on Rogers in Canada and after some searching for local suppliers with stock, I have narrowed it down to 2 options. However, they are each offering a different ROM version so I thought I would seek some advice.

The first is a Canadian supplier who is offering the T9193 Telstra version with a stock Telstra ROM. The second is a US supplier and they have the same T9193 Telstra unit but claim they have removed the Telstra stock ROM and all the bloatware and replaced it with the "Pure HTC WM 6.5 EURO Version (1.72 Latest Release)".

I should mention that I really do not want to get involved myself in flashing ROMS etc at this point in time. I am interested in buying the device and using it with the least amount of hassles. Also, money is not an issue because I don't mind paying a little more to make sure this device runs well and has no issues.

So what I am trying to sort out is:

a) Is the stock Telstra ROM really that bad with all it's "bloatware" (meaning that it affects performance or just eats up memory, or both)?
b) Assuming the US supplier is reputable and will stand behind their warranty with respect to the re-flashed ROM etc, will the EURO version ROM pose and problems for me using it in Canada?
c) What about possible ROM updates for both, should they become available...any issues I should be considering?
d) Are there any other issues I should be considering when making this decision (commercial aspects notwithstanding)?

Thank you in advance for any assistance with this tough decision.
Canadian Road Warrior
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