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Old 07-20-2010, 04:37 AM
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Originally Posted by BBF View Post

Given your line of thought, for the average phone user, what does WP7 give them that Apple already doesn't with the iPhone 4?

Are WP7 phones more trendy? No.
Do they have more apps available from major businesses like every bank, restaurant, you name it chain on the internet? No.
Do they have a Retina screen? No, not that hi-rez.
Do they have a working front facing camera? No.
Does it have a subscription music service? Yes... but look how well that worked for the ZuneHD vs. the iPod Touch... nobody cares.
Does it have xbox live integration? Yes, but average phone users aren't Xbox Live gamers... too bad that xbox live subscribers are also geeky, so already own iPhones, Blackberries or Android phones.

So tell me again why an average phone user should choose a WP7 phone over an iPhone or Android phone?
Let's see, what does WP7 offer to a potential smartphone buyer that the iPhone doesn't?

I wouldn't presume to determine what is or is not trendy, particularly because I haven't seen any actual WP7 models yet. Have you? By the way, just what is trendy?
Of course WP7 wont have as many apps available at launch as the iPhone does after 3 plus years, but how many apps were available for the iPhone on its launch?
No, the WP7 won't have retina screen, but then neither do most of the iPhones that have been sold to date.
I don't know how many, if any, WP7 phones will have front facing cameras and neither do you. It is a nice feature and my Windows Mobile 6.1 phone has one that I've never used.
Subscription music may not appeal to you, but I like having the choice...within the same OS...of buying my music or subscribing to it.
Xbox Live integration is a unique feature for WP7 and I wouldn't presume to know that all 25 million Live members are geeks who already own iPhones or Androids. I'm a Live member and I don't own either.
Then there are the appealing features you didn't mention. Office is a pretty significant app that the others don't offer. The comprehensive photos hub certainly appears to be a superior approach to dealing with photos than any other OS has developed to date.

It is really OK for you to be a happy camper with the iPhone or Google or RIM or Symbian or whatever you have. I didn't dis your choice of mobile OS. Microsoft obviously couldn't make an OS that would appeal to you, but as for me, I think it sure is nice to have a choice.
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