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Old 07-20-2010, 02:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Fritzly View Post
Being a MS shareholder I say unfortunately but my opinion is that it will not.
MS copied the Apple model: a severely locked down device.... and missing features in V1.

If I liked the Apple model I would be using Apple products; I do not like it and I use MS products... When MS plays as Apple I I ditch MS as well.....

I too am a Microsoft shareholder and I wouldn't suggest that fact conveys some special standing on my opinions....they are just my opinions.

But if Microsoft or Apple for that matter were making devices for those of us who hang around tech blogs, they wouldn't sell many phones and the ones they did sell would certainly have different features. People on tech blogs serve mainly as early adopters and to some extent opinion shapers. For that reason, I am sure Microsoft is paying attention to the concerns about multi-tasking and cut and paste. They have said they are paying attention, and that they are working on solutions that just won't be ready at launch.

I doubt there would be any value to postponing the launch of WP7 until those features were ready because by then there would be something else in iOS that tech types would want to see before Windows Phone came out.

As for Microsoft using the Apple model: can you name a model more successful that they should have used? Once the decision to re-boot was made, they had to approach the next version of the OS in a radically different way. I am glad they did and I think they will be glad they did too in a few months.
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