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Old 09-23-2008, 07:54 PM
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I am happy with WM (see my sig!). My question would be, what is it that these other platforms offer over WM that would be so compelling that I would switch? My personal stand is that functionality wins over form so even though WM is beat in terms of GUI, when it comes down to being functional my WM device does it all with the fewest compromises.

For example, my first smartphone was the SE P800 which I enjoyed and thought was a great device for its time. However Outlook sync was poor in that categories were not recognised, contact fields were not mapped properly and overall was not a good experience. Then I encoutered my first WM device, the MPX 200 and I started to research WM as a phone platform after initially dismissing it when it was launched with the original SPV on Orange. My first official WM device was an Orange SPV E200 WM Standard device and my email and PIM info was synced perfectly, also having PIE was a revelation (for its time) and WMP allowed me to enjoy my music on the go.

Since then I have used several other WM devices and have always been satisfied with the platform's ability to meet my requirements. I have gone from WM203SE to WM5, WM6 and now WM 6.1 and dont feel there is anything lacking functionally in my WM device. I can access the internet, now use BT exclusively for my music, get my email (hotmail and my personal domain email), use GPS (as a Brit living in the US this is an immeasurable plus point) and all with the flexibility and freedom to do as I please with my device and OS. The iphone and now Android dont offer me anything above what I am able to achieve with my current device and OS apart from looking prettier and in several cases for both platforms they offer less functionality than a WM device.

IMO a lot of the WM negativity also comes from the lack of creativity from the handset makers and software makers. HTC is now pushing TouchFLO 3D, Asus has its Glide UI, Samsung has its widgets but they all seem to be half hearted attempts to update WM's look. Also how many applications have been updated to offer a more intutive experience? Resco Explorer is one example but where are the others? HTC and Resco and others (Pointui for example) have shown that you can do pretty much anything with the WM OS but it seems the enthusiasm for this is lacking. The beauty of WM is that it is so flexible it can be customised to suit your own needs but this is not being exploited by handset and software makers.

So for now, despite all the negative press, opinions and general calls for WM do die I am content with my choice and look forward to what the next iteration will bring.
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