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Default Nice to see response to Block "review"

I have to say I was psyched to read all the responses to Blockheads review. I was just so thrilled with the new Zune software and firmware and when I read the review I couldn't believe how someone could put down something that I thought was so excellent. I have to say it was quite gratifying to see all of that Zune support which essentially validated my thinking on this great new device.

And I'm not a "fanboy" - just someone who enjoys technology like the Gen2 ipod that I bought years ago only to ultimately look for more. Apple really just wasn't cutting it for me. The Zune was new and exciting (last year in my opinion and of course this year). It's happened to me with macs too. I was into Mac OS X but Apple just wasn't delivering the experience like Microsoft in terms of there 10' UI media center interface.

As far as the iPhone and the ipod touch go they are extremely cool devices but I have to say I like the one-handed operation of the Zune as well as the fact that I've committed to the windows media center platform for music, tv, and photos ( 3x xbox 360 extenders etc.) Apple isn't even close in this distributed media realm for the house (don't even go there with Apple TV and the tv show purchases on itunes...)

Anyway, a bit of a ramble...

Thanks Zunethoughts for all the v2 coverage.

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