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There are many things happening here...

First Google trained people to believe that ads only pay if you click on them. People don't know or understand advertising comes in different models for the publishers. There are those paid when an ad is shown, there are those paid when an ad is clicked and there are those paid when an action is taken (a product is sold, or someone signs up for a service, etc).

Then there's the impression that ads will slow down the Internet experience. While this might be true for someone using dial-up five years ago, in these days of fast broadband, CDNs (content distribution networks) and other improvements, this is not really true anymore.

I posted about this here. Basically we have been working to reduce the page load time for a few months now. Everything from code, to database, to client-side script changes, to using different DNS providers around the world, to using a CDN to distribute images closer to our users.

One of the changes is to change our pages to use javascript defer. We use a tool (made in New Zealand) to automatically do it for us. It just happens ad blockers don't like the javascript code generated, thinking it's an ad loading code.

We use Google Search in our site. And guess what? When people use ad blocks, Google Search won't work anymore, because it's now part of a bigger script, that ad blockers think are loading ads.

So ad blockers not only cause some slow down by hooking to everything in a page, but also interfere directly with the user experience by indiscriminately filtering code with no context awareness.

I don't use ad blockers. I think it's disrepectful to publishers. But as a publisher I do all I can to get my pages loading faster, every day.

(side not: we are probably doing it right. Google Webmasters tells us that our average global page load time is down from 10 seconds to about 4 seconds now, in the last nine months).
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