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John London
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Default Hello World, I'm John London

<p>Hello everyone. Here is a brief summary of myself. I have been in the IT sector for 20+ years, so my technology roots run deep. &nbsp;I've worked on midrange systems, desktops, networking, firewalls and managing System Administrators. Currently I am on contract work (IT sector) and seeking full time employment in the IT field. I have several computers running Windows 7, XP, Windows Home Server (WHS), Windows Server 2008R2, Windows Phone and Ubuntu with roughly 12TBs of storage for all those photos, music and movies that I have.</p><p>Yes, I am heavily invested in Microsoft. I would like to make it clear that I am not biased towards one platform over another. It just happens because of me deep roots in the IT sector, Microsoft played a major role. Like I tell everyone, if it works for you great. Platform wars have been going on since computers became available. I really do not get emotional over one platform being superior over another.</p><p>I live in Central Ohio with my lovely wife and my favorite pets, Tara, Abby, Jack and Jasmine. I enjoy photography, currently have a Nikon D200 and waiting patiently for Nikon to bring out the next generation of DSLRs. Enjoy golf, which I have played all my life (except my back is out), boating, biking and most sports activities. I have been following the Thoughts community since the early days of Pocket PC Thoughts and have enjoyed the wonderful job everyone has done. During that time I really didn't have the opportunity to get on board as a contributing editor due to the long hours in IT. Now I find myself having free time and figure this might be the time jump on board...</p>
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