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Originally Posted by Lee Yuan Sheng View Post
What MS now needs to do is to force updates on Windows XP else XP will brick. IE6 needs to die already. :P
Yes, please. But in seriousness, I'm not sure there's much else they can do. They've all but said that you are risking your computer / organization / soul by sticking with an old and insecure OS and browser. They've brought out a compelling upgrade path. They've attempted many times to cut off support for XP and long ago stopped supporting IE6. And at every step they are stymied by ridiculously conservative and largely unintelligent IT departments (usually citing security concerns--ahem). My university is FINALLY moving towards Windows 7 and upgraded everyone to IE8 this past summer, but it is slow, slow, slow. Meanwhile, I'm having to install Win7 on VM's running on top of XP just to teach half of my courses correctly.
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