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Default Any Bluetooth stereo headset recommendations?

I've got a Windows Phone and I'm looking to get a stereo Bluetooth headset. Criteria are that it should allow me to use my own earbuds, control music playback and make/receive telephone calls.

Products I've considered include:

* Nokia BH-214: there are reports on Amazon that the volume control is fiddly and it isn't a "spring-loaded" clip - just plastic that you have to force apart.
* Jabra Clipper: very mixed reviews from Amazon customers.
* Jabra BT3030: not entirely won over on the whole dog-tag approach but it does come with a clip that can be used instead.

I quite like the look of the Sony Ericsson MW-600 which, according to an Amazon review, can display song titles and incoming telephone numbers, both of which sound potentially useful if the phone is tucked deep inside a jacket.

Anyone got any recommendations or comments on the above possibles, particularly from the perspective of using with Windows Phone?


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