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Originally Posted by efjay View Post
I would only be interested in reviewing MS stuff, but obviously an honest review. I definitely intend to get a WP7 device, the Dell next week when it becomes available to order. Guess my quesiton is would a confessed MS fan be considered to write for you?
Sure, it's not a problem that you're a self-confessed Microsoft fan - so am I. We're definitely looking for people to write here at Windows Phone Thoughts. But are you saying you'd only want to review Windows Phone 7 devices? There aren't that many to begin with, and access to devices are somewhat rare so who gets to review them is based on availability and sometimes seniority. That said, if you're open to reviewing other things as part of the Windows Phone ecosystem - apps, cases, accessories, etc. - then that's something we definitely want to see. In particular, I want to see more apps reviews here at this if that's something you'd like to help with, please do apply.
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