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Originally Posted by maikii
Thanks again for your great article, Menneisyys!

One addition, that I didn't notice in your article. (If I missed it, sorry.)

There is an excellent, simple, low-memory-using Freeware Today screen launcher, called simply "Launcher" by Scott Seligman. (Put in Launcher and "Scott Seligman" in a Google search window, and you'll find it.)

It's an older program. I used it for years on my IPAQ 2210. Now I've installed it on my new T-Mobile MDA (HTC Wizard), running WM5, and it works fine there too.

Not a lot of fancy bells and whistles. A DLL is added to the system, launcher.dll, and a directory called Launcher is added. Any shortcut .LNK files that you put in that Launcher directory, will appear as icons to launch the programs on the Today screen. It works simply and well, uses little memory, and is FREE.
Thanks for the tip; I'll check it out and will also probably review it.
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