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Love my Zune Pass. Don't think I really got into it until I got a Windows Phone, and only then because it seemed like the phone was so immersed in it I figured I'd try. Have had Zunes since they first came out (I liked my brown 30G) but like Jason had my own CD collection dutifully ripped to Media Player and sucked into Zune. Well actually just pointed Zune at the directories. Remember file systems?

I any case I have enjoyed the heck out of exploring new music using SmartDJ which mixes cloud tracks with those of my own, and Channels which bring mixes of distinct genres to my ears. I do see that $15 a month might be a little off putting, but you get to KEEP 10 songs a month for that $15 as well as listen to anything in the catalog. You don't have to be connected to listen BTW, you can download anything with DRM in force and listen disconnected to your heart's content....until you quite paying. The DRM license has a terminaation point, usually a month or so out.

The ones you choose to keep are totally DRM free and you can listen to them on your Zune, WP7, any PC (even Mac), burn them to CDs or listen to them in iTunes or on an iPod. Picking them up can't be easier either. You are listening to a track you like, you hit buy, it asks if you want to use credits, you have x left. You say yes and it's yours.

Shame that they are letting Zune players die. My phone is not my primary portable media machine, never has been. If I am going to get a dedicated portable media player, I would likely subscribe to the subscription service associated with it. If Zune players die, I bet the WP7 phones won't be enough to support the service, and if the service dies, that will be one less point in WP7s favor.

Once again it seems that MS has had a great idea that they failed to market. They have got to get over thinking that just creating it is enough.
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