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Default ICC profiles

Hi Jason,

First off, I loved your review, it was awesome (and I would donate to support your effort but I'm not working currently so I can't; maybe some day!).

I wanted to address something that seems to keep coming up here though- the ICC profiles. You've mentioned a few times that unless you have a color-calibrated and super sophisticated monitor that it doesn't matter and not to bother. This simply isn't true. I have a degree in photography and one of the things we spent a whole semester on was color management (not that it makes me an expert by any means- you could spend a lifetime learning about it I'm sure!). While the monitor certainly plays a part, the ICC profiles deal with the printer and the paper, and they can make a HUGE difference in the way a print turns out. Each printer has a specific color gamut that it can print (and that includes how many shades of grey, etc.), and each paper absorbs ink differently (not to mention that each printer uses a different kind of ink/dye/pigment), so you're in essence looking at how a print will turn out on a specific printer with a specific paper. And obviously having a great monitor will help to see these differences better, but they're usually clearly visible no matter what you're using.
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