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Default This is a surprise like "tomorrow's Wednesday"

I'm not the slightest bit surprised, and was reminded why this past weekend while wrestling with the positively wretched Zune software, which is, after all, the only way you can put anything on the device.

First of all, despite having deleted certain podcasts, the software insisted upon downloading over 100 episodes which had been queued *before* the podcast subscriptions were deleted. I had to download all 116 podcasts, redelete the podcasts in the software, and delete the files in three steps, and of course while Zune is downloading, despite my 25/50 FIOS connection, heaven forbid you should want to do anything else on your computer.

Then I tried to convert a handful of videos to put on my Zune HD to take up the space. Hours and hours of processing time and do you think I got even ONE video on the Zune HD? Of course not.

If it weren't the only device (of about a half dozen, including an iPod classic, two Sansa Fuze's, a Sansa Clip+ and even an old Sony stick w/built in noise-cancelling) with an HD radio, it would be on ebay this very minute and the software long ago uninstalled.

And all I can say to those folks regaling the as yet vaporware "Surface," "Remember the Zune, my friends, remember the Zune." Wonder just how many folks will "squirt" their money away for a Surface, eh?
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