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Originally Posted by Janak Parekh View Post
I hate to be a skeptic, but I personally think HP will drive this into the ground even faster, as they did to their Jornada and Compaq's iPaq (née iPAQ) lines.

I was going to post something very similar, but you beat me to it!

HP took over the iPaq line and from Compaq and completely ignored it. Since then, we've seen only half-hearted attempts to get into the smart phone space. Having said this, Todd Bradley, who heads up the HP mobile group or whatever they call it, is the same Todd Bradley that used to run Palm. He may have some desire to try and rebuild the empire, and HP has the deep pockets to do so.

However if recent history is any indicator, those of you owning a Pre or Pixi can kiss hope of any future upgrades goodbye! HP has shown no inclination to upgrade any of it's recent mobile devices beyond the shipping OS and a few small bug fixes.
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