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I'm far from a fanboy, former Windows Phone MVP in fact, but I own Apple products and enjoy the heck out of them. Was even an Apple User Group president in the Apple II days.( P.S. that was User Group, not Fan Club) I do take the time to watch the keynotes, and actually enjoyed this one more than previous. I find it to be less 'egotistical'. I don't mean that personally, but as a general atmosphere that this is the best that has ever been, Muhamed Ali like. I found the improvements significant, though not enough to spend the cash to upgrade, given my contract situation. 200 improvents, including better camera, better antenna, better processor, finally usable notification implementation, iCloud syncronization, and more is nothing to sneeze at IMHO. Siri is compelling, but I expect the real worl usability will fall a bit short of the scripted, practised demo.

I had a feeling that Tim Cook expressed a real belief that they had done good things that people will enjoy as much as they did. I liked that. I liked it less in-your-face magical, unbelievable. Never was a fan of 'Who could have imagined that cut and paste, implemented this brilliantly was even possible'. And the audience gasps and cheers. [Balmer, BTW, is a trip to watch, better in person, but he couldn't sell me a car ] Did notice the audience was much more reserved than in the past, at points that I would have thought deserved applause.

So. I liked the keynote, I don't see anything drastically disappointing in what was delivered, except it seems, it doesn't have a 5 on it. The GS was better than the G, and that seemed OK. Maybe I'm not remembering that well enough Now at least you have some more time to imagine and wish for what will be new next time. I vote for thinner and lighter, but not neccessarily bigger screen. (Love to see a 5-7" iPad. Think it would kill the similar sized android tablets and color readers). Maybe some more opportunity for uintegration for applications in the OS. Not sure in-OS integration is a great thing. What if the user doesn't like Facebook and Twitter, why stick him with it. On the other hand if you provide the hooks that apps can use to integrate with each other at the user's request, you wind up with intgration the user wants, not what you believe he needs, or just what is currently in vogue.

P.S. looking forward to upgrading my iOS devices. Good new stuff there.
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