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Well, we started out trying to keep things simple this year. Only because we had already made a couple of fairly big purchases since the summer; a new leather couch and 2 leather chairs for the family room, a new leather home theatre couch for my "man cave" and a new component cabinet for my many electronic components. Then we decided to replace our stove with a new "flat-top" model. About 2 weeks later, our washing machine decided to retire so we also had to buy a new washer and dryer.

So at this point I said to everyone, let's just keep it big gifts this year and Dad doesn't need anything so save your money.

Then, about a week before Christmas, my wife's laptop decided it would rather be in 2 pieces instead of one, so that decision was made for us. About 2 days later, my son's phone started acting up and because he will be heading back to University after the holidays, we ended up getting him a new Samsung Focus. And then, to be fair, we ended up buying my daughter a Karaoke machine and a bunch of disks. And Dad? Well, Dad got about 3 Tim Horton's gift cards and a gift card from Princess Auto. So no 'lectronics for me.

Now I just have to hope that I can make it through 2011 without something else major breaking!

Happy New Year!!!
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