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Wow-o-Wow, Jason. That's some news. Like change much?

I've been a member here since I was researching my first gadget, my iPaq Pocket PC. It was funny reading your post, in that just today I picked up both my iPaq and my Telus HTC windows mobile phones and though "this is when computing became personal for me." I also thought back to all the days of figuring stuff out, reading reviews, getting tips, complaining about Canadian carriers, etc.

Even though I worked in Calgary for a while and sometimes attended the same events as you, we've never met in person. But I feel as if you've been part of my community of IT friends for the whole time.

I think your new job sounds incredibly brilliant, especially for someone like you.

My life has taken a reverse direction; I moved from the west coast of the US to Canada. I can't imagine why you'd want to leave here, my home and non-native land .

I can't wait to find out what sort of communities you might be part of because I can't imagine not having your insight as part of my regular reading/foruming.

Best of luck in everything. Exciting times.
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