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Default Slow is an understatement

We're seeing start ups bring new Webkit based browsers to market in less time than the time between this announcement and when this will be available. And one suspects that this browser will be SLOW and look antique compared to Safari on the iPhone and Chrome on Android.

All of this should not surprise long time PPC users. Microsoft has been very slow to make improvements in the OS and there are a long list of improvements that we've all know for YEARS have been needed that the team at MS seems blind to. Worse, when they do add a feature they do it in imcomplete ways. Add to that the chain of companies that an uopdate has to move through (MS, handset maker, carrier) and as a user you wind up incredibly frustrated.

MS is too big and has too much buraeucracy and is trying to do too many things with WiMo. Apple is leaner and focused. Further, NO ONE at MS seems to get UI. There is this slavish insistence on being Windows 95 on a QVGA device. Doesn't anyone there get it? Speed and ease of use are key.

And can *ANYONE* explain why they won't give us an "exit process", even thought HTC adds it and just about every user who finds out also adds this. Typical MS, putting architectural purity over the user and thinking they are smarter than we are.

I am a PPC user since the fist iPaq, but am now looking at my next phone being Android or an iPhone even though they run on crappy networks (AT&T, T Mobile). I don't want to leave, but why drive a Model T when the Prius is available.
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