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Originally Posted by mboone View Post
Wow, given the performance of the current "cut-down browser", how slow will the full IE6 be??
Well if you're using Windows Mobile 6.1 then you are already using technology integrated from Internet Explorer 6 and at least on the Smartphone side the browser isn't as snappy as the competition. Maybe moving over to a 'full blown' IE6 browser would be better, but at what cost? Does Microsoft really expect developers to continue making 2 or 3 versions of the same site just to get it to work with their browser? This is why we have standards, so things work throughout all standards complient browsers. Heck even right now when I'm building a site I have to build it for standards compliant browsers, go back in and create a bunch of style hacks to get it formated right in IE7 then go back and create a new set of hacks to get it to work in IE6 and if the site is going to be viewed on a mobile browser I have to go through and format those too. It really doesn't need to be this hard.

If Microsoft wants to put a 'full desktop browser' into their devices as Apple has done with the iPhone (yet I still find myself making iPhone compatible sites, go figure) then wouldn't it make sense to put in the latest and greatest Internet browser instead of one that came out around the turn of the century?
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