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Originally Posted by Jason Dunn View Post
Markets change - consumers change. Five years ago only hardcore geeks wanted touch-screen phones. Now everyone is chasing the touch-screen phone market...
It did take a certain unnamed company to popularize it, though. Has Microsoft done the same with subscription music? I'm still unconvinced at their current marketing efforts.

I think David is right in that subscription music resonates with people that don't have big CD collections. People with big CD collections - people like us Janak - care about owning music. To younger people, people who went through their teens awash in the concept that music was "free" and you could find any song you wanted with Napster, Limewire, etc. Music ownership is a very different concept to someone a decade younger than us guys in our 30s.
Okay, now I see what you and David mean. That is a very good point.

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