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I think its a good ad in that they have to start somewhere. Its such a tough sell. Once people understand what it is they're getting a lot of people realize how great it is. Honestly this service really has a generational gap that it can't overcome. It appeals far more to the younger generations than the older. I would guess if you're over 35 (or probably even 30) then this is a tough sell.

Not because age makes you 'uncool' or anything but simply by that time you probably already DO have a large collection of music. I refused to steal music. Period. So when I got out of college I owned all of 10 CDs. I started with Yahoo's subscription and eventually migrated to the Zune Pass.

Buying music is something that will become a thing of the past. Several of my friends have Zune Passes. Several who don't have expressed interest. The main reason I've heard for not wanting to is "I have a ton of music already, why do I need that?"

Well, you don't. People like me do. And that will be more common as time goes on.
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