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Default My Jornada has died - what do I do?

Noooooooo..... My Jornada 568 has just died. Well, it's dying - the backlight has gone and the buttons all auto-repeat like crazy. It may have something to do with the fact that I dropped it 4 feet onto a hard wooden floor 3 times last week. ops:

This could normally be cause for a justified spending spree (Yay! A new toy! ) but it seems to have come at a really bad time. I was tempted by a Nexio S160 but if everything else to come runs PocketPC 2003 it could be in a software void. Rumours of a new OS and new devices just around the corner. Should I wait? Could I wait?

Help me please! I may be particularly swayed by comments from those who say I should wait a few months but don't want to disclose why. :wink:
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