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Default Community Zune Wallpaper Contributions

Have you made your own wallpaper for your Zune? If so, please post the images in this thread. We don't have image uploading turned on, so if you don't have your own image hosting, try out a free file hosting service.

A few ground rules:
  1. Keep it clean: this is a PG-13 rated site. So no nudity, profanity, etc. If you'd be embarrassed to hand your Zune to your mom with that wallpaper on it, don't post it here.
  2. We'd prefer that you upload your own photos or creations, but we will not be the copyright police in this thread. It's assumed that if you're posting it here, you have the legal right to do so.
  3. If you see a wallpaper here that you find offensive, or if someone is using your images without your permission, please contact us.
  4. It would be ideal if every post in this thread were just wallpaper - if people start posting comments it will be harder to find the wallpaper.
  5. This thread will have activate moderation to clean up comments, reformat posted messages (image layout), etc.
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