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Default Zune Marketplace: Podcast of the Week

Mahalo Daily is a short and sweet video podcast hosted by always amusing Veronica Belmont who delivers a fun-filled take on a variety of topics that rang from making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, to how to tie a tie or even make the perfect sushi! This wide rang of random goodness is what makes Mahalo Daily the perfect 5 minute break from reality everyday. If you have not already subscribed to their feed, I highly recommend that you do.<br /><br /><img border="1" src="" alt="" /><br /><br />Usually I would provide all of our readers with a link to subscribe to this podcast, but for the past couple of days the Zune site has been broken so I cannot look grab a link for you guys. Every time I try to search <a href=""> </a>or use the &quot;<em>Tell a Friend</em>&quot; feature in the Zune software, I am presented with a splendid 403 error! However, if you use the search feature built into the Zune software, you should be able to find and subscribe to Mahalo Daily in a jiffy!<br /><br /><em><strong>EDIT: </strong>Zune Marketplace is up and running again! To subscribe to this podcast please use the following <a href=";mid=aae52850-0b06-484e-82e2-bafbdc5a494a">link</a></em>
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