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Originally Posted by Jason Dunn View Post
Really? The Zune 80 and iPod Classic are both hard drive-based, both have the same resolution (320 x 240), both are $249 MSRP, and both are nearly the same size. They're pretty much tailor-made for comparisons.
That is pretty much what I was thinking ... I love my iPod (music only) and my kids love watching stuff on their Nanos during trips ... but after getting to spend a bit of time with a Zune, there is no doubt where the video seeking portable fan should look.

Of course, they could also get a PSP with a couple of 4GB sticks for that price point. We're in process of moving based on my new job, and I had a bunch of travel time for interviews and used the PSP for video for the first time in three years ... very nice.
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