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I have to believe that if Windows Phone 7 is a success, and that doesn't mean kills Apple, that it will introduce enough people to Zune that it may foster a resurgence of that line. Apple has a non-phone iPhone, the Touch, but they also sell a heck of a lot of just media players. They all have some features, but you aren't loading apps on your nano from iTunes. It has what it has. I personally prefer my phone/little processing unit, to be just that and my media player to be something different. Sure, I'll listen to some music or watch a podcast on my phone, but if I'm on a flight or want to drown out the world with some tunes, I'll take a dedicated media player any day. Sort of a shame WinPhone 7 doesn't have a Zune dock connector IMHO. Sort of a shame Zunes don't support BT as well.
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