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I agree that they do still need a stand-alone media player, but getting down to that important price point of matching/beating the iPod touch's price is going to be extremely difficult with those specs. I also think that for that reason getting another company to build it, as suggested in the article, is just not possible.
By building it in house, as another attempt of getting the Zune brand further in to the market, it is possible, because they will obviously not pay the license fee and can take less profit, but because of this the only way to view it is as a way to hook people who are not quite ready to pay for an expensive device and expensive contract in to the Zune ecosystem, so that they're more likely to buy a Windows Phone device in the future.
Also, I think they could keep selling the Zune HD, lower the price, and market it as a device which is to the newer Zune as the nano is to the touch, again for people not quite ready to make the kind of financial commitment needed to buy one of the new Zunes/Windows Phones.
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