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Originally Posted by quicklink View Post
Ps3 is way better than the Xbox interms of graphics and games.
The 40 gig for the ps3 is ok because you can just upgrade the hard disk of your ps3.
The PS3 has theoretically better graphics, but since it is such a pain to develop for and cross-platform development favors the X360 (since it has sold more in the US than the PS3 has sold worldwide, and has a massive attach rate as well), you seldom see the advantage.

I'm no XBOX fanboy, don't own one and am a PC & handheld gamer ... but I don't see how you could argue that the PS3 games are better in any way. XBOX Live and the Arcade are also superior to Sony's offerings.

Sony is struggling badly in this generation, being in 3rd place by a considerable margin, and have failed to differentiate their product - other than as a Blu-Ray player, which is also not tearing up the market.
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