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Originally Posted by Doug Raeburn View Post

Strange coincidence... for some reason, the whole "selling the web sites" question popped into my head this morning while I was getting ready for work, and led me to wonder how that and other things were going. Shortly thereafter, I went to Zune Thoughts to check out the comments regarding the Zune announcement and lo and behold, there's the answer to my question.

Congratulations on the new job and all of the other related changes! It's great to see that you're remaining in an area of the tech industry where you've been so influential in the past. We'll miss your presence on the web sites, but the new job sounds like a perfect next step for you.

I enjoyed all of the years of working as your review coordinator and having you as a friend. Best of luck to you in your new endeavor. And please give my best to Ashley as well.

How strange - after a long time lurking in the shadows and after the iphone announcement today, I thought i would check back in (after a year at least!) and as I was redirected from thought to myself, what if jason was to sell and do something different - (wondering if he was still involved) - and what do you know.....So i'm with you Doug - CONGRATS Jason, welcome to the new world. Corporate life sure has changed.....Best of luck moving to you and your family!

James Casio E-10
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