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Originally Posted by Jason Dunn View Post
30 seconds? What the heck...! Are your extensions really worth load times like that? Firefox loads in about 3 seconds for me, but I only have Xmarks, Java Console, and a Canadian dictionary installed.
I just optimized my hard disk the other night and that seems to have sped things up significantly. 20 seconds, now. I'm not sure what the causes are, really. But I do have 12 distinct add ons. I'm guessing that Adblock Plus and App Tabs might be the biggest, but I think even more so that Firefox checks for updated extensions each time it starts up and doesn't allow Firefox to start until that check is complete. Doubtless it is just because of the way that the add-on engine is written (i.e., they must be loaded before any Firefox window and FF must restart when you install a new one). I think it also must have something to do with reloading my last session instead of starting anew.

Only takes about 5 seconds to restart after it is first loaded. Again I think that the add-on search must only happen the first time. Who knows?

Regardless, it is annoying to say the least. And Chrome doesn't suffer the same fate despite being configured quite similarly.
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