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Originally Posted by WyattEarp View Post
I don't understand what you think is a problem. If you purchased the applications then why should your friend get them for free. If she wants them she has to purchase them herself. I understand that many of us are still old school when it come to tech but the days of giving people serial number and product codes for apps have for the most part gone the way of the dinosaur. It's unfortunate especially if you nolonger need those applications but that's just how it is now. At the same time software developers have to make money to keep doing their job so just giving away software you purchased to someone else hurts their bottom line. So, I'm ally having a hard time understanding what needs to be fixed since nothing seems to be broken by what you said.
Um, no, it's got nothing to do with old school, or any school. I paid for a Mountain Lion upgrade -for this specific Mac-, upgraded it to Mountain Lion, and sold it after owning it for about two years. The purchased "new" OS version for this specific computer should be able to be transferred from my AppStore account to the new owner.

My replacement Mac came with Mountain Lion, so I'm not trying to do anything in a gray area. It has its own different copy. This is a legitimate purchased copy of the OS that I want to transfer, and I can't. This is broken. Why should she have to go back to Leopard or Snow Leopard if she needs to re-install? An upgraded OS needs to be able to stay with the computer. Somehow.

The other stuff, fine, she's deleted and re-purchased.
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