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Default Windows Phone Marketplace: Why Can't This Just Work?

<p><img src="" style="border: 1px solid #d2d2bb;" /></p><p>Is anyone else getting a bit fed up with the fact that Windows Phone Marketplace can't seem to do what it was designed to do on a&nbsp;consistent&nbsp;basis? Every time I go into Marketplace I'm never quite sure what will happen. I haven't had the <a href="" target="_blank">problem of it crashing</a> on me yet, but the above photo is a new issue that I can't seem to get past: moTweets Pro and the Facebook app won't update and instead give me an error about the license. It starting happening over the weekend and despite daily variations of <em>tap and hold/tap here</em>, I'm not able to get the apps updated. I've deleted the downloaded apps and re-downloaded them in an attempt to get the problem fixed. No joy there. A device reboot hasn't helped either.</p><p>I've had various glitches with Marketplace since getting my first Windows Phone 7 device, but this has to be the most frustrating. The Facebook app is free, so why would there be a license issue? And I purchased the moTweets Pro app, so one would expect I'd have a license to update it. Anyone else seeing similar issues with these, or other, apps?</p><p>I have no experience with the Android Marketplace, but when I compare the Windows Phone Marketplace to the Apple App Store, it simply doesn't measure up. In owning an iPod Touch and purchasing apps for it over the past three years or so, I've only ever had one app download/install go a bit wonky - and it was easily fixed by rebooting the device. Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace has to get significantly more reliable if people are going to trust it and purchase apps with confidence.</p>
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