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Robert Levy
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Default Congrats - and thanks!

Jason, I'm really excited for you taking such a big step.

I want to thank you for everything you've done for the community and for me personally. Many many years ago I was a kid who religiously followed PPCT. At my first MVP Summit 10 years ago, I was awestruck with meeting you - my first encounter with an "online celebrity" At the end of that week, I was really blown away when you pulled me aside and asked if I wanted to to take on a Managing Editor roll and work with you to launch Smartphone Thoughts.

I was just a kid with no relevant experience at the time but you showed confidence in me and entrusted me with responsibility to lead the team and build relationships with readers & partners. That's a small blip in the history of the Thoughts empire but it made a huge difference in my career: You set a great example for me and gave me the opportunity to learn early in life that with just smarts+passion, I too could build lasting relationships and make awesome things happen in a variety of fields.

I'm grateful for all the great content you've published over the years, but more importantly I'm thankful for being able to count you as a mentor and a friend.

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