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Originally Posted by Damion Chaplin View Post
Quite right, though if you follow the steps one at a time, you'll notice that it says 640x480 right up until you change it in the Custom Encoding Settings window, which is one of the last steps. Yeah, a little confusing, but I think anyone who follows the steps will realize what they're looking at.

Thanks for your comments and please feel free to link to this article!
Very true. Again, job well done, my comment was a small observation and I spoke about it only for the newbies interested in following your guide. Which they should I might add as it will save them from spending unnecessary cash on other programs.
Also worthy of noting is the use of the 640x480 screen resolution or (640x356 widescreen) using the crop settings from your guide . While that screen res will be output to a larger file size, it will be a much better quality video for those who would like to use the TV-Out or play video files through their Xbox 360.

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