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Originally Posted by zomigi View Post
there a single program that can do all this for me, or do I need to use multiple programs and/or rip each DVD multiple times -- one to rip the DVD to DVD-burning format, one to rip the DVD to watch on my computer format, one to convert one of these formats to WMV to play on the Zune? I would pay good money for a program that would let me rip once and output in a variety of formats, either at the time of ripping or later through a conversion tool bundled in the same software.
There probably is a program somewhere that will rip a DVD to any format you want from one interface. I haven't found one, but I haven't really been looking. I prefer to do things the long and free way. The problem is, no one has really been able to find out what the Zune's 'native' .WMV format is. Most of the time I use the method in the article here and the Zune software just syncs it right over. Sometimes though the Zune software still wants to convert it, and I haven't figured out why. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Two episodes from the same show converted with MCE at the same time using the same settings won't always get the same results...
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