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This is a great list! There were a number of things there I didn't know or wouldn't have thought of. There was only one thing I could think of to add and that's notifications. The notifications on Android are done perfectly!!! I haven't seen notifications on any other mobile phone that I like better. Notifications need to not interrupt what you're working on but they need to be very accessible. You should be able to access or acknowledge them in an order different than how they came in.

I want to add a few comments on some of the items from the article.

10. Alternate Keyboards: He mentions SwiftKey and I just wanted to say how much I love it! I wouldn't have tried it since it isn't free and I'm too cheap. On top of that I've tried lots of other keyboards including Swype which came with my Droid X and even 8pen. None of them were for me so I kept going back to the built-in Moto multi-touch keyboard which I liked. Anyway, I love SwiftKey because of it's incredible text prediction! I've never seen any text input tool with prediction this good. I also like that I can hold down a key for a special character instead of needing to change it's display just for one character. I also like the way it has a numeric keypad - that comes in handy sometimes. Swype has arrow keys and that's one feature I wish SwiftKey would adopt but it's rare I want or need arrow keys so it really hasn't been a problem. I do agree that being able to use an alternate keyboard is a huge advantage that Android has over iOS.

7. Widgets: They are a huge plus! I love them!!! If you have an Android device and you're not using them you're not getting the most out of your device.

5. Wireless App Installation: Coming from the Windows Mobile world I wasn't so sure about not syncing to a PC. For some reason I thought I needed that. Man, it is so much nicer to not be extracting cab files from an install or anything else to install apps when I'm away from my PC. I would never want to go back! Anyway, he mentioned app stores. I love having more than one app store for Android! The Market is great because dev's can get things out right away easily. Third party ones like AppBrain,, Amazon App store, and others give more options with different and/or better reviews, better filtering of apps, and sometimes better prices. This is a huge plus! I check the Amazon App Store pretty much every day for their Free Paid App of the day. You won't get than on the Apple App Store! That's for sure!
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