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A few erroneous statements in this thread.

The 360 is a better gaming machine than the PS3, but the difference is marginal at most. Avoiding too many technicalities, the 360 has a dedicated video-graphics memory and MUCH larger bus pipeline so it takes the strain of crunching graphics almost entirely off the cpu as well as allow more information flow between the GPU and CPU. The PS3 has no dedicated video memory at all and although it houses SLIGHTLY more powerful processor it is bottle necked by it's small memory bus. The 360 handles full-scene antialiasing completely in video memory (hence the cleaner look of most 360 games compared to PS3) wheras the PS3 must emulate it in software, putting more strain on the CPU cores. All this is information easily attainable on any gaming site (there's a great technical comparison on Gamespot). Don't believe any company's hype, be it Microsoft or Sony...both systems are VERY comparable in terms of gaming power.

That said, I personally own a PS3, and I got it for two reasons alone: BluRay, and a user-upgradable Hard-Drive. I'm a gamer but I'm also a movie buff so it was a no-brainer. But when it comes to online features XBOX Live kills anything the PS3 has to offer at this point. When it comes to games, the 360 has a more diverse catalogue of games to select from. If you're a PC gamer you'll appreciate the 360 more for it's ports of PC blockbusters. But if you want an all-round entertainment beast then go with the PS3. They both stream movies excellently, they both feature excellent DVD support, but only one has true HD BluRay support, and that's the PS3.

My 40Gig PS3 is running out of space fast...but that's because I've ripped about 7 or 8 of my favorite movies to the Hard Drive. I'm thinking of investing in a 300Gig and installing it myself. Is 40Gig enough? Depends on what you intend to do with it/ how many games you intend to have (Gran Turismo Prologue alone is a 5Gig install). For a few games and no movies on the HD I'd say you're fine with 40Gigs.

Another important consideration is reliability. I heard of many people's 360's dying on them (RROD). My PS3 has been pretty good for almost a year, no hiccups. It's even survived two pretty bad power-surges (yes, I have to buy a UPS).

Final consideration: aesthetics. The black PS3 is sexy as hell, even though it's a dust-magnet, and matches most modern HDTV sets. The 360 looks like a game system through and through.
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