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Default A Farewell, and a New Beginning

<p>Since the days of Palms and Pocket PCs, I followed a number of mobile technology sites, and one of them was Pocket PC Thoughts. As the network of sites grew, I read those as well. I remember when Jason announced Digital Home Thoughts (as Digital Media Thoughts back then), I made a not-very-encouraging comment about the new site's ability to cover digital photography stories. Naturally Jason wasn't pleased, but over time he decided I could cover the photography section, and after much persuasion on his part, I came on-board.</p><p>It has been a great time: &nbsp;Writing reviews, putting up news posts, and following the latest releases, all with the special Thoughts feel. I have learnt quite a bit, and I have to thank Jason for being such an encouraging person. They weren't kidding when they said Canadians are the friendliest people around!</p><p>As the site shuts down and I take my leave, it's not quite the end for me - recently two friends and I have started a new photography blog. Come check us out at <a href="" target="_blank">Three Guys With Cameras</a>! I look forward to seeing you on there.</p>
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