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I look at the discussion above, and get to the conclusion that this is exactly the geniality of Android: the fact that anyone can pick the things that they like to use and leave out the things for which they say "meh!".

In the iOS, we don't have this kind of choice. We are stuck with what Apple decided that is good for us. And this is the whole difference.

So what does this picking give us?

For example, in the original article, one of the commenters says that he prefers not to use buggy custom ROMs and to have one official, clean ROM. Well, I have been using REDUX ROM for my HTC Desire for the last 4 months, and I tell you, I haven't seen ONE official ROM that is as clean, fast and battery saving as this ROM. It is just amazing to see. The phone is completely bugless, runs for weeks without a SR, fast as I have never seen it, and battery can last for two days (1.5 days in busy use).

Another examples: launchers and widgets. I am not one of those guys that dump all the possible widgets on top of his launcher, but I do use some. LauncherPro does a great job, it is clean, fast and flexible. Upon it I mainly have a clock and forecast widget, a fast dialer scrollable widget, and the stock calendar and music widgets. The rest are shortcuts to my favorite applications. With some 70 apps installed in my desire, I can't imagine what I would do if I needed to scroll through all applications every time I need to run an App as in iOS. I would be crazy by now.

The rest is standard. I like the business applications made for Android better than those that I can find in the iOS Appstore. It seems to me very difficult to find something serious in the Appstore among the stupid games that proliferate there.
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